Shelby Haun

Shelby Haun, Director of Anderson County Schools' Preschool

So now you have completed the mind of paperwork and your child is enrolled in The ACS Preschool program, let’s get started! Welcome year 2019-2020.

Our program is goal oriented with the focus on children and families. That’s why this program exists.  We support the family as well as the child. 

One goal is to provide a classroom that is well equipped with all good things that a child needs to increase his/her learning, as well as to have highly qualified staff that show abounding compassion and love for the families. 

In all our classrooms we implement a research based curriculum that will support your child in being “school ready”.  I realize that this is a term tossed out to parents as often as we can because it is so important.  But at the heart of this term is simply this:  On your child’s first day of kindergarten and for the span of many years thereafter, your child will carry a toolkit that supports him/her in reasoning, thinking, socializing, and maintaining good mental health, as well as many other things important to a good life.  And we even toss the alphabet and numbers into the tool kit.  But there’s more.

We support families by providing financial, academic, nutrition, and many other kinds of training.  The world and all of its expectations changed. Daily, parents face changes and challenges that I never dreamed of when I was raising my children.  Therefore, more and more, we need to get involved with knowing and using great mental health strategies.  I know the term, “mental health” causes our ears to perk. But it shouldn’t.  I am studying on the skills and strategies that it takes for a person to have good mental health because I want “me” to be mentally healthy and I really want to support my precious grand treasures and children in having good mental health with a toolbox loaded with tools that support them to make good decisions and a good life. Please join us in our training. We surely have something for each family. 

So, let’s get started. Bring your kids to school and please attend the training we offer.  And of course, I am open to talk with you all through the school year. 


Shelby Fox Haun

ACS PreK Director