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ACT Tutoring & Practice Tests

ACT Tutoring

ARE YOU IN IT TO WIN IT? There are people who talk about raising their ACT score… and there are people who are committed to doing it! Are you a talker or are you IN IT TO WIN IT? If you have the courage to really commit to raising your ACT then we will see you at ACT Tutoring starting August 12th. We have Snacks! 4pm to 5pm

Mondays- English/Reading Ms. Green rm 114

Mondays- Math/ Mr. VanEek rm 220

Tuesdays- Math / Mr. Hill rm 215

Thursdays- Science/ Mrs. Dunn rm 237

Wednesdays- By appt. only Mrs. Campbell rm 113 Strategies

ACT Practice Tests


TUTORING SATURDAYS: For athletes, band, JROTC members who cannot stay after school due to after school practices. 8/17 and 9/21 at 8am.

How do I sign up? 3 ways to choose: see teacher, email teacher, fill out the google form we are emailing to you (click here to fill out this form), text Mrs. Merryman at (865)963-8467