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Car Rider Dismissal Map

For safety purposes, it is important that all cars use this map to help them understand correct entry points to our school car rider line.


All cars should use Hickory Valley Road- NOT DENTON ROAD. Once you enter the school (across from Denton Road), cars will turn right and go in to the lower front school parking lot.

Line 1 forms first. When it gets backed up (close to the entrance), the next car entering the school will pull all the way in to the parking lot to start forming line 2 (please see map for a better understanding of how and where line 2  forms) and when it gets full, line 3 will start forming the same way as line 2.


It is important that we get as many cars as we can in this area (lower school front parking lot) in the three lines to help keep the car rider line from backing up on Hickory Valley Road and/or Norris Freeway (US 441)