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CES Safety Plan

CES Safety Plan for Opening School, August 2020


Welcome back to another school year at Claxton Elementary School! We are excited about the return of our students. This year, we are offering a high-quality educational experience in our traditional classroom model AND through the virtual option available for Anderson County Schools. We understand that because of current events, you may feel anxious about your students returning to school. In an effort to provide a safe environment for our students and staff in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our school will implement the plans detailed here to comply with our district safety plan.


Arrival and Temperature Checks

  • All students and staff members entering the building must have a temperature check. Stations will be located at the main front doors for bus riders, staff, and students who are dropped off after buses run. Stations will also be located at the gym (car riders) and the third grade hallway door (walkers and staff).
  • All morning car riders will have a temperature check at the gym while they are still inside their car. If the temperature is 100.4 or greater, the child will not be allowed to stay at school.
  • All bus riders must wear a mask on the bus (morning and afternoon). Upon arrival at school, bus riders will be directed to a temperature check station. If the temperature is 100.4 or greater, the student will wait in the new “Sick Room” while parents are contacted to come pick up the child.
  • Upon entering the building each morning, all students will go to their grade level hallway where they will sit at designated spots for social distancing.

Assemblies and Field Trips

  • We will not hold assemblies or allow field trips at this time.



  • Only current students and staff will be allowed to enter the building at this time.
  • Parents who need to check out or drop off a student must ring the doorbell, identify themselves to office staff, and tell why they are at the school. Office staff will then assist with whatever is needed.
  • Parents will not be allowed to eat with their students this year, and food may not be brought for students to share with others.
  • Parents are encouraged to schedule conferences with teachers by phone or online. Parents of new students and kindergarten students can arrange with administrators to visit and tour the school facilities when students are not present.
  • Open House this year will be conducted virtually and announced through Black Board Messenger, the CES website, and/or Facebook posts. It is imperative that we have your correct contact information!


Nurse’s Office and Clinic

  • A nurse will be scheduled to be at CES during hours when students are present.
  • The regular Nurse’s Office will be used as a “Well Room” for students who need routine medication or first aid.
  • Students who experience symptoms of sickness (fever, cough, vomiting, etc.) will wait to be  picked up by their parents in the designated “Sick Room” which will be located in Room 2, across the hallway from the Nurse’s Office.
  • Physical distancing spaces will be established for both the Sick Room and the Well Room.


Hand Hygiene

  • Students and staff will be encouraged to implement proper hand hygiene (washing or sanitizing) when they arrive at school, before eating, before putting on and taking off masks, and before dismissal.



  • Expectations will be clearly communicated to students, and will also be posted in each bathroom area. 
  • Bathroom occupancy will be limited to the number of available stalls.
  • Students will wait outside each bathroom in designated distancing spots.
  • Procedures for washing hands will be taught and posted. Students will be required to wash hands before they exit the bathroom.
  • Teachers and staff will supervise students to ensure all safety procedures are followed.
  • Bathrooms will be disinfected and cleaned multiple times throughout the day.



  • Breakfast will be served for students in a designated grade level location each morning.
  • At lunch, only one grade level will be in the cafeteria at any time.
  • Students will be spaced three feet apart, facing the same direction, on seats designated by tape.
  • Students may NOT share food, milk, juice, etc.



  • Students will be spaced three feet apart, facing the same direction in the classroom. They will have to sit in the same spot each day.
  • Students will have their own materials, and will not share supplies with other students.
  • Students will be issued a chrome book that will not be shared with other students.
  • Classrooms will not have carpets, rugs, or mats for at least the first 30 days of school.
  • Students will be encouraged to sanitize their hands when they enter the room, transition to different stations, or exit the classroom.
  • Desks and materials will be wiped down frequently throughout the day.


  • Physical distancing will be taught and expected at all times.
  • Hallways will be clearly marked with travel lanes, promoting distancing from the walls and from other students.



  • All transportation will be directed through the intercom system.
  • Buses will be called individually so everyone is not out in the hallways at the same time.
  • Student names will be checked off as students load their bus.
  • Car riders and walkers will be accompanied by a teacher either to the gym or to the back gate. 
  • In the gym, car riders will sit in marked spots that are at least three feet away from another student.


Water Fountains

  • All water fountains will be turned off to avoid communal drinking. 
  • Water bottle filling stations will be on and available for students to refill their water bottles.
  • Water bottle filling stations will be disinfected and cleaned multiple times throughout the day.



  • Masks are REQUIRED on school buses (morning and afternoon).
  • Masks are required for students in grade 3-5 in hallways and other common areas where social distancing is not possible. Students in grades PreK-2 are highly encouraged to wear masks in these areas as well.
  • Breaks from masks will be allowed by teachers only when physical distancing is possible.