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    World History and Geography: Early Civilizations Through the Fall of the Western Roman Empire

    Sixth grade students will learn about the cultural, geographical, political, and governmental beginnings of ancient civilizations through the fall of the Western Roman Empire.


    World History and Geography: The Middle Ages to the Exploration of the Americas

    Seventh grade students will learn about the social, cultural, geographical, political, and technological changes of Western Civilization in Europe as well as the geographic regions of East Asia, West Africa, and Southwest Asia and Northern Africa.



    United States History and Geography: Colonization of North America to Reconstruction

    Eighth grade students will learn about the settlement and founding of the U.S. through Reconstruction and study the history, economics, culture, government, and geography of Tennessee in context to illustrate the role our state has played in American history.


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     Europe Geography & Maps










    6th Grade











    7th Grade

     Flashcards -- Middle Ages










    8th Grade

     Ben's Guide to Government

    Functions of Government

    Historic Maps 8th
    from Columbus to 1979 Los Angeles













    Lakers  7th Social Studies


    World History and Geography: The Middle Ages to the Exploration of the Americas

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    The Fall of the Roman Empire












    Islamic World, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    Africa, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    China, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    Japan, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    Middle Ages in Western Europe, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s












    The Renaissance and Reformation










    The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution










    The Age of Exploration














    Lakers  8th Social Studies

    United States History and Geography:  Colonization of North America to Reconstruction and the American West

    Social Studies Study/Practice Resources

    Free Rice










    Colonialism (1600-1750)












    Development of a New Nation (1720-1787)











    The Constitution and Foundation of the American Political System











    Growth of the Young Nation (1789-1849)











    The United States' Role on the World Stage (1789-1849)











    The Sectionalism of the American North, South, and West