• Lakers  6th Social Studies

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    Human Origins in Africa through the Neolithic Age











    Mesopotamia: c. 3500 -- 1200 BC/BCE











    Ancient Egypt: c. 3000 -- 1200 BC/BCE











    Ancient India











    Ancient China











    Ancient Israel, c. 2000 BC/BCE -- 70 AD/CE











    Ancient Greece, c. 800 -- 300 BC/BCE










    Ancient Rome, c. 500 BC/BCE -- 500 AD/CE













    Lakers  7th Social Studies


    World History and Geography: The Middle Ages to the Exploration of the Americas

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    The Fall of the Roman Empire












    Islamic World, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    Africa, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    China, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    Japan, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s











    Middle Ages in Western Europe, 400 A.D./C.E. -- 1500s












    The Renaissance and Reformation










    The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution










    The Age of Exploration














    Lakers  8th Social Studies

    United States History and Geography:  Colonization of North America to Reconstruction and the American West

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    Free Rice










    Colonialism (1600-1750)












    Development of a New Nation (1720-1787)











    The Constitution and Foundation of the American Political System











    Growth of the Young Nation (1789-1849)











    The United States' Role on the World Stage (1789-1849)











    The Sectionalism of the American North, South, and West