• Employee Code of Conduct

    The Anderson County Board of Education’s Employee Code of Conduct Manual sets forth our standards for the school system and employee behavior.  It covers a range of subjects, from attendance to insubordination, to harassment.  It applies to all building level administrators, district level coordinators and supervisors, directors, teachers, and all other employees, setting a clear expectation that the standards be followed in all job-related activities.  The intent of the Employee Code of Conduct Manual is to outline a course of action for all disciplinary actions that are reasonable, consistent and fair. Building level administrators, district level coordinators/supervisors, and other administrative staff have an added responsibility to lead by example and ensure that the Employee Code of Conduct is followed in areas under their supervision. Regardless of your position in the school district, violations of the Employee Code of Conduct will not be tolerated … even if you think they benefit the school system.  In cases where discipline is warranted, it will be administered without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, physical handicap, political belief, affiliation or activities.  Disciplinary actions will be taken promptly and in compliance with the Recommended Action outlined in the Employee Code of Conduct. 

    Click on this link to view the Employee Code of Conduct