• Why a monthly focus area for elementary and middle schools in Anderson County Schools? 

    Three of the desired outcomes from AWARE Anderson County are to make schools more safe and secure, to identify behavioral issues early, and to provide supportive environments where students can focus on learning. With mounds of data showing the impact that mental health and behavioral issues have on the school climate and individual academic success, the Anderson County School System is taking a proactive approach to reach the desired results.

    Each of Anderson County's elementary and middle schools will be focusing on the same topic monthly across the school district. These schools will have signage in a prominent location on campus, announcements and presentations concerning the topic, articles for newsletters to communicate the message to parents, and other activities unique to specific schools as teachable moments arise in classrooms, in hallways, or out on the playground or campus.

    The ten AWARE Anderson County focus areas are based on communicating the behaviors and personal traits that build a strong foundation for young people. Topics like making good decisions, resiliency, and effort are areas where young people can always use examples where they make a difference in coping with life's challenges. Other topics like being thankful, kind, and working at building and maintaining strong relationships help young people learn how to interact with others. Lastly, areas like personal safety and sleep help young people understand how critical it is to put themselves in safe situations and be more aware of how their physical health can be impacted from lack of sleep or participation in unsafe activities.

    All of these areas and more contribute to a strong foundation for young people that help them overcome obstacles as they grow and mature.