• Metal Health Videos

    The first step in Making you AWARE of mental health or learning disorder is being able to talk about it with others.  Unfortunately, shame and stigma keep the majority of people from speaking honestly about what they are experiencing or about what their loved ones may be going through.  AWARE is committed to helping others understand the importance of discussing mental health and the importance of placing mental health concerns on the same level as physical health issues. 

    The following video testimonials allow us to hear the first-hand experiences of young people who often lived in the shadows and shame of a mental health concern. Listen to their testimonies and then understand you are not alone and you are okay! Help is available through our school-based services and community resources.

Val ADHD Testimony

Anxiety Testimonies


Bullying Testimony

Cutting Testimony

Depression Testimonies

Eating Disorders

​Eliminating Stigma




Suicide Prevention