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Board Approved ACS Standard Device
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Board Approved Device-  Acer 720P (Touch) Chromebook

It is our goal to develop a standard platform to use in our classrooms which offers our students a one-to-one experience. 

The Acer Chromebook 720P (touch) Chromebook as our ACS standard device.  The Office of Technology completed an in-depth student of the different technologies in the market place today and Acer Chromebook is the device that stands out for our district. The OOT has shared this device with teachers, students, and administrators and the response from all involved has been positive.  

The Acer Chromebook is a personal computer running Google Chrome OS as its operating system. Chromebooks are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and in a standalone environment. Chromebooks also have Google products built-in and, within seconds of logging in, students can access their personal Google apps account, including the Google Classroom.  The Chromebook also allows AC students and employees to access our Microsoft network, offering them Word, PowerPoint, Excel and etc.  This device gives our students access to the best operating systems in the market place, both Microsoft and Google.  The current price of the Acer C720P (touch) Chromebook is approximately half the cost of a smart phone, making it an ideal choice.