2017-18 OnLine Testing

Online Testing Log-in and Procedures 

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High School Testing Procedures...
  1. 95% of the problems we are experiencing in Anderson County occur during the log-in process.  The other issues found in Anderson County occur during the use of the calculator and the graphing tools.

  2. ALWAYS, make sure your students start the test by turning the Chromebook on never allow a student to use a Chromebook which has not been freshly re-booted.

  3. ALWAYS, make sure the chromebook is 100% charged before starting the test.

  4. The Questar app does not run nearly as fast as the other products we use in Anderson County.  We know that about 10% of our students, within one class, will experience delays logging into the Questar app.  We have learned… to ask the students to wait… maybe as long as 60-90 sec during the log-in process. 95% of the time this wait period will allow the student to pass through the login screen.  We are not at all happy with this situation and we are working with Questar to correct these delays which occur for about 10% of our students.  After the students passes through the log-in process… we have found that our students have very little issues with the actual test… which is great news.

  5. When asking your students to log-in to the Questar app… have ½ your student log-in… wait 3 minutes… and then ask the remaining ½ to log-in.

  6. If your students experience issues with the calculator, pause their test on your Questar Teacher Dashboard… and then have the students to re-login to the app.  In this situation, it should not be necessary to re-boot / re-start the Chromebook.

  7. All students are to test on a Chromebook.

  8. Teachers logging-in to their Questar Teacher Dashboard should use a Chromebook or PC Desktop.  

  9. Always use the browser Chrome when accessing your Teacher Dashboard on a PC.

Please e-mail jwhitley@acs.ac when you have issues or concerns… the OOT is working with our testing coordinators every day to help make this testing experience manageable for you and your students.  I will keep you informed as we learn more.  Thank you for all your hard work.