SharpSchool Teacher Webpage Training Site

Ask the Webmaster in your building for rights to edit your teacher webpage.  After obtaining rights feel free to edit your page.

1.  Important Links to have on all ACS Teacher Websites.
     Teacher Name, School, Grade and / or Subjects taught, ACS e-mail Address, School    
      Phone Number, teacher picture is optional, and Teacher Dashboard.  

2.  Click here for written SharpSchool directions, (Video Directions Below)
3.  Click here for Tips for Teacher Webpages.
4.  Sample Teacher Website (Including Teacher Dashboard Example)

Click below to view a video topic of interest.  Please note, these videos have no sound... by design... and there are 16 very short how-to videos.  

1. How to Create a New Page

2. How to edit a page.

3. How to add and edit content.

4. How to use the Image Map Editor

5. Adding Videos in SharpSchool

6. Inserting Documents

7.  Creating Hyperlinks

8.  How to use the Permissions Page for your teacher site.

9. How to Manage Sub-Pages

10. How to Delete Pages

11. How to View Hidden or Scheduled Pages

12. How to Review Accessibility

13. How to Check Links on Your Page

14. What is Switch to Design Mode?

15. Advanced Menu and Page Properties

16. How to Edit the Page Layout