Welcome to the Innovation Academy website!

The Innovation Academy encompasses Anderson County Schools’ three online learning programs (ACOLA, BRAC, and Opportunity Credits) for high school students. We are housed on the Anderson County Career and Technical Center/Anderson County High School campus.

Anderson County Online Learning Academy (ACOLA)  

ACOLA students are enrolled in ACS but learn at home, with the opportunity to take select classes on campus. Please click here to learn more about ACOLA and how to apply to our program.

Bridge Academy (BRAC) ‚Äč Students who are behind in credits and/or are behind their age-appropriate cohort are brought together in one classroom and are able to earn more than 8 credits a year. Sometimes we serve other students who haven't been successful in the regular program.

Opportunity Credits

Credit Recovery (CRx)

Credit Recovery students do work to make up credit for classes they failed with a grade of 50-69.

Opportunity Credits

Students such as Middle College, transfers, or work-based learning students can earn credits online for classes which they cannot fit into their on-campus schedule.

IA Thank you for your interest in the Innovation Academy. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our program.

Tricia Jones, Ed.D.  Curriculum Coordinator, Innovation Academy & CTE 
Anderson County Career and Technical Center  140 Maverick Circle  Clinton, TN 37716 
865-457-4205  fax 865-457-1715  cell 865-388-2355  tjones@acs.ac