ACS SharePoint Sites


ACS has a New SharePoint Site

On March 24th, the Office of Technology posted a new up-dated SharePoint Site for all employees.  The older SharePoint site has been retired, it was created in 2003.  The new SharePoint site is located within your Office 365 account… the account you use for your ACS e-mail.

To locate the new SharePoint Site…

1.    Go to the ACS main website,

2.    Click on Office 365 and sign-in to your account.

3.    Once in your Office 365 account, click on Sites, top right of the page.                        

4.    Once you are on your Sites page, click the ACS Sharepoint Sites link, which is located in the blue square, top left of the site.

5.    Once you click on the ACS SharePoint box you need only to click on the department and / or school sites of interest.  (Business Office, SpEd Office, HR Office, Instructional Office , etc.)