Comcast Internet Essentials Program


Comcast has provided ACS with this link explaining this exciting program.  As you can see, families who qualify for this program will be able to purchase a high speed Internet connection for less than $10 per month AND purchase a laptop for less than $150.00!  Also... for participating families, there are no price increases, activation fees, or equipment rental fees. 

Families should not call the Office of Technology or the Office of Food Services... families simply need to call the phone number provided by Comcast (1-855-846-8376) or visit Comcast's  Internet Essentials website and follow Comcast's easy registration steps.  Due to the privacy laws linked to free and reduced meals, ACS employees will not be able to help families with the registration process, families just need to contact Comcast.  (Click here to learn more.)

Families who need proof of FREE or REDUCED meal eligibility should visit the ACS Food Service office, located on the first floor of the Anderson County Court House (room 104) or families can use the letter they have already received from the Food Service Office this school year.   If needed, the Food Service Office will be happy to provide qualifying letters to families.