Oct. 9th, 2015 Our BIG Tech Day!

ACS BIG Tech Day, Focusing on TNReady and Cloud Computing!

Last Program Up-dated 10/6/2016
Conference OneNote Notebook
If you do not like a OneNote Notebook format feel free to click on the pages of the Notebook below.  The info is the same.

Conference Goals
Daily Schedule
Conference at a Glance
Session 1 Info
Session 2 Info
Session 3 Info
Session 4 Info
Attendance Card Info

Conference Handouts
TNReady, MIST, MICA, and the 2015 Tech Skills Notebook
Chromebooks and Instruction Notebook
Need Help Setting-Up Your Classroom Chromebooks Notebook
ACS BIG Tech Day, Oct. 9th Quick Guide. PPT
Typing, Word Processing, and Composing at the Keyboard, doc
Keyboarding ppt 
Oakley / Sellers Presentation for Principals, ppt

There are 4 instructional sessions on Friday…  Most sessions are one hour in length… however, some are 2 hour sessions… some are for admin only… and some are by invitation only… it’s all explained on the 4 individual session pages.  When looking at room numbers, make sure to notice if the room is located on the campus of ACHS or on the campus of ACCTC.  Signs will be posted and folks will be helping direct folks to the right rooms. Look over the session titles before arriving on Friday… it’s an impressive collection. 

TNReady Sessions- Required…
Make sure you attend one of the many offerings of the TNReady session for your grade level and your subject.  All of these scheduled sessions will cover the new on-line testing program, MICA, MIST, and the TechSkills needed for successful testing.  This is a required session for everyone, all certified teachers.  And… don’t forget to check out one of our many sessions on Cloud Computing.   

Attendance Cards and Door Prizes…
When participants arrive Friday morning… each will be given an attendance card… which should be turned in between 2:45-3:00pm by the front door of ACHS. (School boxes will be provided.)  Door prizes will be given away about 2:50pm… in the front hallway of ACHS.  We will be giving away… Cloud T-shirts, 3 Chromebooks and one Amazon Echo Drive.  You must be present to win! 

Apps you Need for Friday…
Apps that will make your day more fun on Friday… Twitter, Facebook (we will open Facebook for Friday only), OneNote, Google Drive, Skyward, and OneDrive.  Download and log-in to these apps before your arrival. 

Twitter… Facebook… Social Media…
I’m encouraging folks to tweet about the conference on Friday… Twitter… #2015ACSTechDay  We many even give a door prize for the “best tweet of the day.”  Bring your favorite mobile device… laptop, Chromebook, smart phone, etc.  Feel free to Facebook your favorite pictures of the conference… we are free to do so, because no students will be present on Friday. 

Lunch and Coffee…
Lunch is on your own… from 11:00-12:30… and bring your own coffee if you are a big coffee drinker.