Student and Teacher Chromebook Procedures 

Because we will soon have over 4,000 student devices running around in our buildings… it is time to talk about repair procedures!  When student or teacher Chromebooks need to be repaired, teachers should put in a trouble ticket for each device. (Just like we do for all devices.)  The OOT will visit the school and repair the device on-site, or the OOT will bring the device back to the OOT for deeper repairs.  Once the device is repaired, the OOT will deliver the device back to your school.

 Middle and High School Student Repairs…

The OOT will be tracking STUDENT repairs in our GoGuardian Fleet database so that we will know when multiple screens have been broken, power supplies lost, etc.  We will contact the principal when a student has broken more than one screen… which would require that student to become a day user only.

New- Damaged Chromebook Procedure for the 2017-18 SY

When students break screens or damage their Chromebook… we will be asking students to e-mail the principal explaining the circumstances of the damage and how they can better prevent this from occurring again in the future.  This procedure is for only damaged machines, not when a machine malfunctions from normal use.  This information will help us all better understand how damage is occurring and possibly help us prevent issues in the future.  (3-4 sentences will be sufficient.)

Posted by Johanna.Whitley On 11 August, 2017 at 2:43 PM  

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